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Vibrant Health, Green Vibrance Superfood Powder Food Review. (Superfood, Green, Raw, Vegan)

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Green Vibrance is the original Concentrated Green Superfood. It’s a nutritional powerhouse that improves energy and endurance, strengthens immunity, improves digestion and circulation. Green Vibrance has more nutrient density than any other green-food product on the market. It contains 58 certified organic, concetrated foods and extracts, all of the highest quality, along with an industry-leading 18 billion probiotics per serving.

This stuff is amazing. Not only has it received numerous 5-star reviews from consumers, I personally have used this stuff. Put it in a smoothie and your golden. Otherwise, a quick shot in a small glass of water will give you sufficient daily nutrition in a very seldomly achieved category for most Americans. Yeah it tastes green, but you get used to it.

Green Vibrance Super Foods Benefits

The Green Vibrance formula was designed and balanced to help establish good health. Its sixty ingredients were chosen carefully to support:

70 Million Probiotics

The best food on the earth

More complete nutrition; a host of scarce nutrients
Healthy digestion and gastrointestinal function
Healthy circulation
A stronger skeleton
Energy production
Detoxification; metabolism
Neurological health
Cardiovascular function and health
Healthy sugar levels already within the normal range
Strengthened immunity
Antioxidant protection, reduced aging
And some consumers swear they look younger

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Listen, I could sit here and tell you all the benefits that I feel this product gives me. Wow, I feel lighter, healthier, and just all around better. But don’t let me convince you, listen to what a few customers said.

Gluten Free

25 Billion Probiotics per Dose from 12 Strains

Reviews of Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health

I have tried numerous other “green food” powders over the last couple of years (more on that in a minute), and finally settled on Green Vibrance as the highest quality and overall best among all those I tried. It has 3.5 grams per serving of actual “green foods”, which is more than many other green products. It also has many other important herbs and various nutrients, and all in significant enough doses and potentcy to actually work. This is also rich in probiotics and prebiotics, which are also vitally important. Best of all, I actually DO get an energy boost from this product, and notice other signs that it is working, including smoother skin, improved mood, and simply “feeling better”…


My husband and I are in our mid-50s and have been enjoying a morning “smoothie” using Green Vibrance for over 2 years now. I cannot recommend this product enough! I haven’t had a cold, flu, etc since we started this regimen. We are regular, energetic…healthy!


But I did find one customer with a problem…

I have several stomach issues: irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, esophgitis, diverticulitis, constipation/diarrhea, lactose, fructose, sucrose intolerance. I think that is about it. Within 2 days of taking Green Vibrance, I was having significantly better bowel movements. My pain is greatly reduced and I am functioning better on a daily basis. I still take Nexium for acid reflux, but that is the only pharmaceutical I take. I can’t say yet if it is helping the diverticulitis.

There is one down side…


What was the down side?…Read Full Review Here!



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