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Vibrant Health, Field of Greens, Green Superfood Powder Review

Vibrant Health’s Field of Greens sets a new standard for purity and healthful goodness among the green superfoods industry. Field of Greens is the benchmark green superfood product for anyone seeking an organic, purely green food with maximum nutritional value.

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Field of Greens is not just wheat grass or wheat grass juice powder, and not just barley grass either. It is a unique combination of the best green foods that can grow from organic soil. And that’s important. Field of Greens is made from 100% certified organic:

The best, green superfood powder

● alfalfa grass whole-leaf powder
● alfalfa grass juice powder
● barley grass whole-leaf powder
● barley grass juice powder
● oat grass whole-leaf powder
● oat grass juice powder
● wheat grass whole-leaf powder
● wheat grass juice powder
● alfalfa sprout powder
● parsley powder
● collard powder
● kale powder
● broccoli sprout powder
● spinach powder

Field Of Greens Organic, 30-day $32.99
Field of Greens, Organic, 90-day $70.99

Raw Food: Vibrant Health and its suppliers have gone one step farther in the use of certified organic ingredients. We have taken great care to dry and process each ingredient at the lowest possible temperature in order to preserve as much of the full nutrient value of the plant in its raw state.

Vibrant Health’s Field of Greens guarantees the following:
100% Raw Food
100% Certified Organic
100% Kosher
100% Vegan Approved
Purely Green Foods
Maximum nutritional value

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Overall for the price that they charge, there is no better way to form a solid foundation for you and your family’s well-being via nutrition. There are plenty of other products making similar claims; however, let me assure you first-handed that there is no company and no product quite as well balanced as Field of Greens superfood.

Here is what some others have had to say about it.

J. Murphy
I was given this as a gift. I’m ashamed of it now, but my first reaction was not gratitude, but “Gee…. thanks.” Some time later I had been feeling more than a little run down so I decided to give this product a try. I mixed a packet into a store-bought smoothie and shook it. It tasted grassy, but in a nice way. I felt so much better that day that for the next several days I took the powder in juice or smoothies, and began feeling great again. Increased energy, better sleep, and an improved mood. I went off the powder for awhile. When I did use it again, right away I noticed an increased feeling of wellness and an increase in energy. ENJOY!

“As green powders go, this is the best I’ve found. It is vegan too! It is highly nutritious, and yet has a more subtle flavor that can be blended in other drinks, especially into Spirutein powder drinks and tastes pretty good. It seems to be effective and have a good shelf life. I would highly recommend it.”

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  1. Brad E.
    2159 days ago

    One of my roommates introduced me to Field of Greens about 9 months ago, and it has remained a regular part of my diet ever since. I am a college student and I work a full time job, which means I am always on the go. Field of Greens earned its spot on the roster of my daily diet due to its versatility. Some mornings I am in too much of a rush to eat breakfast, let alone make breakfast. On these days I simply add a scoop to a glass of water and go. It isn’t the best taste in the world, but very similar to green teas. Other days when I have more time, or even after a workout when I want to make a shake, I simply throw a scoop in and I have no clue that I added any other flavors than my usual chocolate, peanut-butter, and banana shakes. The main benefit that keeps this exceptional combination in my diet, is the boost of energy that keeps me going throughout the day. If you are always on the go, and worry about getting the proper nutrition to keep your mind and body running at the optimal performance, then I would absolutely recommend giving this product a shot.